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HRC spojnice

HRC Couplings are essentially general-purpose couplings with a flexible component that allows for greater misalignment.

The parallel misalignment can be up to 0.5 millimeters

Axial misalignment up to 1.7 millimeters

Due to their unique style, HRC Couplings can accommodate larger shafts. This can make them a more cost-effective option.

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HRC spojnice

"HRC" is a registered trademark of the Fenner Group, but has become a widely used, generic term, to describe this coupling design.
HRC couplings consist of 2 cast-iron halves attached to shafts through either hub mount (H Flange) or face mount (F Flange) konusni grmovi. Between these two halves is a rubber "spider" that serves as a shock absorber. HRC Couplings allow for a limited parallel misalignment (0.5mm) and axial misalignment (1.7mm).

China HRC Coupling

HRC Coupling Specifications

China HRC Couplings

China HRC Couplings

China HRC Couplings

Features of HRC Couplings

Economy: The design of the HRC coupling has been optimized so that power capacities are balanced to the appropriate shaft diameters utilizing Taper-lock Bush fixing

Resilience: Transient peak loads are reduced by flexible components, the deflection of which is a prime design consideration

Misalignment: Incidental parallel, angular and axial displacement of the connected shafts can be accommodated

Installation: Quick and easy without special tools; only an allen key is required

Maintenance: Virtually eliminated, and no lubricant is required

Environment: The elastomeric component makes HRC coupling suitable for use in most conditions within a temperature range of -40℃ to +100℃

Positive: In the unlikely event of the flexible component being destroyed, the drive will be maintained by the interaction of dogs which are integral with the flanges

HRC spojnice

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